On-Site Services

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(Contact us for rates and further details)

Linens: Most cottage rentals require that their guests bring their own linens, for an additional fee, we can provide both bed linens and bath towels (beach towels not included). Guests make their own beds. Flat rate per person.

Grocery/Liquor delivery services: available at an hourly rate (minimum 2hr charge applies)

Turndown/cleaning (during your stay): available at an hourly rate of (minimum 2hr charge applies).

Hot tub turnover: The hot tub is well maintained and turned over regularly however occasionally our guests have requested the water be changed immediately prior to their arrival. A flat fee will apply.

Skating Rink Maintenance: We can arrange for the rink to be cleared and resurfaced the day of your arrival. A flat fee will apply


Services offered by local providers (please contact the provider directly for updated rates and to arrange for service)

On site catering services provided by The Kitchen and The European Bakery depending on availability.

pig-roastLamb/Pig/Chicken/Turkey Roast: Charcoal spit/roaster available (additional fee may apply). Guests may provide their own meat or Lamblicious will prepare and deliver the roast (Lamb/Pig/Chicken).

Health & Relaxation


Performed by Kimberlee MinkBSc, Registered Kinesiologist, RMT

Couples massage available.

Massage therapy takes place in a small rustic cabin separate from the main cottage.

All massage is based on the principle that improved circulation leads to improved health. Because massage stimulates blood and lymphatic movement through your muscles, tendons and ligaments, toxins drain more efficiently, and nutrients are absorbed easier. Massage also reduces muscle pain, increases range of motion and provides deep relaxation.

Massage sessions can be arranged through kimberleeminkrmt@gmail.com

Packages & Pricing


Swedish Massage

  • 30 minutes $65
  • 60 minutes $105.00
  • 90 minutes $155.00

Swedish massage is recognized as the first systematic method of modern massage in the western world, and remains one of the most popular and invigorating kinds of massage. It involves the use of oil and includes long strokes or effleurage, kneading, friction, vibration and stimulating movements known as atonement using hands, palms, thumbs, and fingertips. This service helps relax muscles and improves circulation.


Cancellation Fee $55

Yoga/Thai Massage

Eva Hamilton & Chelsea Smith are Certified Yoga Teachers living in Saugeen Shores, ON. At Metta Wave Yoga + Wellness, we offer regular yoga classes as well as specialized services including Private & Therapeutic Yoga Instruction & Thai Yoga Massage. We are devoted to offering the best instruction and facilitating classes that are safe & physically enriching, as well as mentally calming & uplifting. We recognize that yoga starts at a place of physical awareness, but its benefits have the ability to transcend far inwards. We are thrilled to come be involved at Serenity Cottage & look forward to sharing our passion for yoga with you!

Contact Eva to schedule a session through mettawaveyoga@gmail.com

Our Approach to Teaching Private Group Yoga Classes: 

Yoga is a non-competitive approach to wellness that you can enjoy with coworkers, family and friends. This alternative from public classes can provide a great occasion for community building and stress management. Whether you are interested in sharing yoga with your coworkers, or perhaps just sharing a simple class with family or friends, we can facilitate a beginner, all-levels or experienced class for you! Our intention is to offer you a rewarding class featuring centring & breath, movement & active stretching, and closing with relaxation & perhaps meditation if it suits your interest. We can also work with a mindful or anatomical theme of your choice (ie. a class for the shoulders or back pain, or a focus like de-stressing, grounding, balance, or connecting, etc.). Mats and props can be provided.

Thai Yoga Massage:

Experience the bliss of this ancient healing massage. Thai Yoga Massage opens the body and encourages deep relaxation through breath awareness, gentle yoga stretches, rocking motions and massage techniques. This body work is most commonly practiced on a comfortable mat on the ground and props like blankets and pillows may be used for additional support. The recipient wears loose, comfortable clothing and essentially sits still & passive while the practitioner moves the body in & out of supported stretches. The massage improves flexibility and circulation, relieves tightness and pain, and creates an overall sense of balance and wellbeing. Thai massage is also very adaptable based on the clients needs and preferences. It can be modified to offer a gentle & passive or deep & vigorous massage.

  • 1 hr Thai Massage: $75
  • 1.5 hr Thai Massage:$ 95
  • 1 hr Private Group Yoga Class: $70
  • 1.5hr Private Group Yoga Class: $85

Cancellation fee: $30

Yoga classes may be take place outdoors on our lakefront patio or indoors in the great room.

Thai massage sessions may be outdoors or indoors at the Cabin.


Carlin Vale

Outdoor Excursions/Teambuilding/Adventure Therapy

On and offsite excursions available through At Last Adventures with Carlin Vale.
Among other activities offered by Carlin are the following:

Rock Climbing
(1 hour away from The Lodge)
Join us for an afternoon of exciting adventure as we set the ropes up on some of the best limestone cliffs in Canada. We specialize in matching terrain to skill level. Whether you are a first time rock climber, or an advanced rock climber, we have a program or course for you. Let us take you to places and views you never thought possible. The pictures will last a life time.

Climbing Programs Half Day (2-3 Hours) Full Day (3-6 Hours)
Introduction to Rock Climbing $69.99/person $119.99/person
Ascending & Repelling 101 $69.99/person $119.99/person
Please inquire about advance courses and programs

(1 hour away from The Lodge)
Come and discover the amazing hidden caves that lay under the Niagara Escarpment. Explore a whole new world and gain an appreciation for this remarkable activity. We provide caving programs that cater from first timers to more experience cavers who want to develop and maintain the skills needed to explore caves safely and responsibly.

Caving Programs Half Day (2-4 hours)
Introduction to Caving $69.99/person
Adventure Caver Program $119.99/person
Please inquire about advanced courses and programs


Fishing Expeditions/Marine Tours

Available through U Catch’em Charters
Beach pickup available for an additional charge.

Photographer Melissa Crannie

Photography Sessions and Lessons

Offered by Melissa Crannie Photography
Melissa is available to photograph special occasions including weddings, family reunions, etc. In addition, on site photography lessons are available to those interested in improving their skills with their digital camera.

Horse Trail Rides/Wagon & Carriage Rides

Provided by Windsong Carriage. Excursions may depart from Eagle Ridge directly if requested. Inquire for details.


Snowmobile Rentals

The Grey Bruce has some of the best snowmobile trails Ontario has to offer. Eagle Ridge Lodge is a quick 5 minute snowmobile ride to this trail system. For reference, we are approximately 8km west of Leith.

Rental operations are located in both Durham and Collingwood.
Delivery to the cottage can be arranged if desired.

For further details on local trail networks visit SnowmobileGreyBruce

Esthetician Services

Esthetician Services

Provided on site through Tres Chic Salon, depending on availability.


Certified, insured onsite childcare/sitting services available. Inquire for details.