Pottawatomi Conservation Area

jones-fallsEncompassing 116 hectares of Niagara Escarpment land, the property features scenic Jones Falls. Cascading 12 meters over the escarpment, the Pottawatomi River eventually makes its way to Owen Sound Bay on Georgian Bay.

Following a picnic, the km trails lead the hiker to a vantage point providing a breathtaking vista of the surrounding lowlands and Jones Falls. You can join and follow the Bruce Trail further along the brow of the escarpment, or hike/ski the alternate trail system provided.

This site contains various trees and shrubs ranging from Wild Rose to hard maples. Great white trillium and columbine are among the wildflowers that can be found. Cliff Swallows, Pileated woodpeckers, porcupines and woodchucks are common to the conservation area, as are garter snakes and painted turtles.

The Sydenham River, below the escarpment, possesses ideal conditions for migrating fish and other aquatic species. Rainbow trout and Chinook salmon use this area as spawning grounds, and Brown trout often feed.